how to disinfect printer and scanner for the corona virus?

how to disinfect printer and scanner for the corona virus?

Although the novel corona virus outbreak has thrown big players around the world into a stalemate mode and their workers into their homes, some don’t have the luxury of staying at home for a long time. Ignoring the danger, they have to get up early, dress up, punch in their cards, and go on their daily office routine; meaning, touching many surfaces around them like the touch-pad on printer and scanner and working in an environment full of possible asymptomatic colleague. Being aware of that, knowing how to disinfect printer and scanner and what social rules to follow can give them a better chance of fighting the virus while continuing their work.

If you’re too one of these people, following some simple instructions would transform the office space from a highly-dangerous zone to a safe-zone where you can get on with your daily tasks without the pandemic phobia. So, in the spirit of helping you fierce white-collars, we’ve put up a few safety measures on how to do in the office during these devastating times and how to disinfect printer and scanner as every-day overly-touched office machines – the playgrounds of the vicious COVID-19 virus.

Start The Day By Disinfecting Surfaces Around You

Before elaborating on how to disinfect printer or scanner, we want to point out some critical instructions for general safety.

Spraying up the walls or the floors with sanitizers is nothing you can do anything about since it should be seen through by the office management or your boss and done by experts. What you can do, however, is to wipe the surfaces and spots you frequently touch or hold. This includes your desk, phones (personal or office phones), keyboard switches, mouse grips, chair handles, and door nubs. These are the party clubs for the unfettered virus.

To properly disinfect your surroundings, pick up a cloth or a piece of clean microfiber fabric and spray it with an EPA-approved product that contains at least 60% alcoholic substances. Now, we’re not rolling out soap-and-water by any means, but let’s face it, it will be a pain in the neck. After moistening up the cloth with a sanitizer, take it and patiently wipe any spot you put your hands or arms on. This requires patience and dedication, and you have to give each place at least 3-5 minutes of intense-cleansing.

The Daily Excursion to The Toilette

In these hours, no better-suited iconic duo comes into the mind than fighting-the-corona and washing-hands. Because of the nature of the COVID-19 virus, washing your hands with soap and water stops it dead on its tracks. 

This deadly duo has even got health experts reaching out to the public through social media and fanatically urging everybody to wash their hands every chance they get – something that you should do too. Even after you disinfect printer and scanner with the best materials, your hands could still be dirty. So, the trips are unavoidable.

To properly disinfect your hands, first, you should be warming up your legs for dozens of daily-excursions from your office to the bathroom and back. After arrival, wash your hands for at least 20-seconds. Carefully spread the soap all over your hands and even between the fingers and under the thumbnails. Remember, you’re washing to save lives, yours, and others!

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Stop Touching Your Face

We do it thousands of times during the day. It’s the unintentional signal of boredom or force of habit, and for some, it’s an inseparable act of their body-language. No matter the reason through which we feel obligated to touch our faces, it has to stop now. Touching your face in unsafe spaces easily transmits the virus to the other entry points on your body, like your mouth or eyes. Find a better place to put the palm of your hands or change your body-language right now.

Steer Clear of The Handshakes & Swipes

Not a new thing, but we all have the awkward experience of refusing a handshake from a co-worker with the simple flu symptoms, in fright of getting ill and losing a couple days of work. Now, it has escalated to a matter of life and death.

Don’t shake anyone’s hand, especially your buddy’s at work. You don’t know where they have been to or what surfaces they have touched.

Swiping fingers on a touch-screen would be an unwanted invitation to the infamous COVID-10 virus as well. Fortunately, in the next section, we’ll tell you how to disinfect printer and scanner and other digital devices like mobile phones.

How to Disinfect Printer And Scanner

Now, this is the part that everything gets tricky. You won’t want to accidentally ruin the touch-screen on a printer or spray alcoholic sanitizers into the scanner machine. So, here’s how to disinfect printers and scanners without having to buy a new one after you finished with them:

  1. Wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves (for sensitive hands) before you start to disinfect printer or scanner
  2. Be sure your turn off and unplug the device; cleaning it while it’s in on power will mean money out of your pocket. If the device runs on batteries (like keyboards), remove them.
  3. Be aware of any external devices attached to the main body, they need to be removed as well.
  4. Buy or use a spray bottle with a precise mixture of 70 percent isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and 30 percent water.
  5. Don’t aim for the surface. To safely disinfect printer and scanner and other gadgets like cell phones, spray the mix onto a microfiber cloth and carefully wipe the surfaces. Again, Never spray disinfectant directly onto a touch-screen or digital surface.
  6. While cleaning, wipe the surfaces commonly used by other users such as buttons, touch screens, tray handles, etc. with the utmost attention.
  7. Do not let moisture to drip into open areas like printer trays or scanner cartridge holder on inside your phone, as it would be their pending doom.
  8. Make sure all surfaces have thoroughly air-dried before plugging in and turning on the device.
  9. Throw away latex (nitrile) gloves after each cleaning, and wash your hands after removing the gloves.

Apr 2nd 2020

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