The Best Small Business Printers 2019

The Best Small Business Printers 2019

When you are searching for office equipment, printers come near the top of the list. The use of printers is still seen in offices for reports, resumes of job candidates, and etc. With so many brands and models, how do you find the best printer for a business? First you should consider, is your business small or big? In a big office you can use an All-in-One printer which includes a scanner, fax, copy, and print. You may also need a higher paper tray capacity and large ink. Printer speed is also important factor but what if you own a small business with a small office and limited staff? In this case, it is good to learn more about different printers. Tips before buying printers are also useful too.

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How to choose a printer for small business

When you are searching for a printer for your own small business, you want to buy a printer with low running costs especially when your business doesn’t include printing photos and graphics.

In some small business’ connectivity options are very important to save time and money. So, finding a printer that has WiFi connectivity is an important key.

LaserJet or InkJet?

These two types of printers cover different printing needs.

If you are planning to buy a printer for a small office, will you need a laser jet printer or inkjet?

Inkjet printers: use liquid ink which sprays tiny dots onto the paper.

Laser printers: use a heated fuser and toner cartridge filled with powder. It is also suitable for heavy text documents.


The newest printers come with a duplexing feature (Two-Sided Function). This means that the printer is able to copy, scan, or print both sides of the paper. This feature helps to cut down both time and printing expenses.

Networking Capabilities

By Networking connectivity, you can print from different devices.

Networking Capabilities include DropBox and Google Drive, WiFi and WiFi direct capabilities, and also Ethernet cables.

Sheet Capacity

The printer'stray is a paper storage tank, and the capacity of the tray is calculated with the number of paper in the storage tank. It is may be useful to know that some printers have additional trays.

Print Resolution

IPM (impressions per minute) and DPI (dots per inch) are two things that indicate the device speed of printing and resolution of printing.

The higher the number, the better and the more expensive the printer will be.

Which is the best small office printer

HP DesignJet T120 InkJet Format Printer

If your office serves professionals like architects, designers or you have a studio with high-quality photo output, a large-format printer can help you to save time and money by enabling you to print technically in the office instead of sending the file out for print. Save time and money with a large-format printer like the HP Design Jet T120.

  • With only 24 inches is a compact large-format printer
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • printing versatility; print half-size documents with the A4/A3 input tray
  • print directly from a smartphone or tablet with HP mobile printing.

print a file by sending an e-mail to the printer by ePrint, its make it easy to stay in touch with your office even when you’re not there.

HP Page Wide Pro 477dw All-in-One Printer

HP’s Page Wide can copy duplex pages by scanning both sides of the paper automatically. The paper capacity is a generous 500-sheets with upgrade options available.

  • 4-in-1 color inkjet printer
  • Print speed:55ppm
  • Paper sizes:up to A4
  • Paper capacity:500
  • Weight:22.2kg
  • Very fast print speed
  • 2-sided copying
  • A little bit noisy in operation

Tips in this article will make it easier for you to decide on the best printers for small businesses. For learning more about printers visit ImageSpare Parts Blog.

Jul 13th 2019

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